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by Lucas Toyama

On the eve of Carnival, a special group prepares for the season of revelry: companies that somehow join the party more lively in Brazil. Sponsorship of blocks, awareness for a safer fun, extended breaks for gifts and raffles are some incentives for the week of fun.

"It’s always important for the company to motivate the employee and participate in social life. The carnival, long recognized as a holiday here in Brazil, is an opportunity for the company invest in the well-being and expression of the workforce, "says Andrea Marcellin, a consultant in Human Resources Consulting Ramagui.

In the Northeast, the retailer Bompreço, part of the Walmart employee invests in the revelry. For those working on the holiday, there is a small party in the range of business, with the right decor. And for the moment to take off for the partying, the company back its efforts to promote the fun conscious. Weeks before Carnival, posters made in partnership with government agencies encourage the use of condoms and show care for those who want to drink alcohol. The health tips are posted in places of great movement of employees.

Sugar Loaf The Group also does not inspire much with the carnival in the Southeast, but is very different in Pernambuco. The largest retailer in the country designed a special fund to the Galo da Madrugada, in Recife, a city where it operates under the banner of Extra hypermarkets. The sponsorship is not just a strategy of Marketing Department: This year, a lot of networking among employees in Pernambuco has drawn one hundred invitations to the carnival group. The lucky ones will be able, on account of the company, part

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