first Interview

by Stephen and Daniel Lessa Taiar

The first interview of the recruitment process reserves a number of questions the candidate about the company. Though he has many questions about possible new job, one must keep in mind that not everything should be asked. Questions about wages, hours, vacations and benefits should be saved for a second time. At first contact, it should take to perform the company.

The consultant Andrea Marcelino, the Ramagui Consulting warns that ask about salary and benefits can even tarnish the image of the candidate. She recognizes that salary is very important when changing jobs, but can not be the only issue to be evaluated. "If the interviewer realize that the candidate only change of business or accept that position at the salary and benefits, and not by the challenges and development that may have the candidate runs the risk of being eliminated from the selection process."

In assessing the consultant, questions about wages and benefits can be made in a second interview and information on schedules, in turn, should only be questioned in specific cases where the candidate studying at night or have some other regular commitment. Questions about holidays should always be avoided. After all, the consultant argues, such a policy is always at the discretion of the companies.

Andrea believes, however, that the candidate has every right to ask the questions you think may be relevant to your professional future. "Ask about what they expect of him as a professional on details of its function, growth prospects in the company and to whom they report are important data for the candidate to analyze whether it fits the position and if the opportunity really interests you," he says.


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