Our Work Methodology

Ramagui Consultoria has specialized professionals that work directly on all phases of the process, ensuring quality and efficiency.  

We are focused on finding the best professional according to the corporate culture of our client;   
A computerized and up-to-date database;
Speed in identifying and evaluating clients, ensuring alignment with the needs of the client.

Success Cases

Ramagui Consultoria has been very successful in terms of achieving positive results for their clients. The number of replacements is almost zero, which validates the excellence of our work within the market. 

Registration Resumes

We are looking for professionals from many different areas. Don’t delay and register your résumé with us.

Restricted Area

Ramagui Consultoria em Recursos Humanos Ltda.
Av. das Nações Unidas, 12995 – 10° – Andar – Plaza Centenário
Phone: 55 (11) 5503-6724 / 55 (11) 3079-5091